Visit Fedje
Wander on foot through the coastal landscape of the North Sea....where the sea breeze and ocean spray are like balm for your soul.

Meland Golf Course, one of the best 18 - holes golf courses in Europe, presents unique challenges in a varied landscape.

Visit Fedje - the island in the west facing the North Sea, and Norway's westernmost municipality! The island was rated to 1 of 15 destinations in the world worthwhile visiting by "The Observer" in 2004. Fedje is just the right place if you need to "escape the rat race", they said!
Safari to the Hellisøy Lighthouse, on Fedje
The Hellisøy Lighthouse, dating from 1855, was the second tower to be made from cast iron in Norway. Today the lighthouse is automated. Enjoy the magnificent view and exciting lighthouse stories.
Havstad Tinn, on Fedje
Havstad Tinn was founded in 1928 and is the oldest pewter factory in Norway. The production was moved from Nesodden to Fedje in 1997 to the old building where the world famous King Oscar (Chr. Bjelland) sardines was produced until 1992. Today you can buy pewter products here such as; jewellery, tableware, table decorations and other souvenirs.
Håkonshaugen Burial Mound
According to the saga, King Håkon the Good was buried at Seim just by the church. The historical "Håkonarspelet" is performed here every year in August.
The Heathland Centre at Lygra
Information centre about the coastal landscape. Café serving traditional fare. Nice paths for walking.
The Tjor Garden
Impressive Rhododendron garden with more than 300 different types of Rhododendron and just as many bushes and trees.
The West Norway Emigration Centre -a heritage that tells the story about the emigration to America. 4 commemorative stones have been raised in connection with the North American history and the Norwegian contribution during the 2nd. World War.
17th-century farmhouse located in a historical coastal landscape, fishing/farming environment.

Fantastic fishing, hiking and excursion possibilities in the nearby surroundings.

Westland Hotel can arrange for trips/excursions such as; fishing trips, fjordcruise, half day/whole day trips by bus or boat or in the combination bus/boat to Fedje with activities such as deep sea rafting, paintball, fishing and lighthouse safari.

Westland Hotel is perfect located for daily trips to the fjords, to the island Fedje (Norway's westernmost municipality) or to the beautiful city of Bergen. Explore beautiful sights, attractions, activities and excursion possibilities, only 50 minutes from Bergen.

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